Live Energized! Dare to be Greater!

You were made on purpose for a purpose.

    Spirited Leadership… 52 Ways to Build Trust is your empowering, real-world blueprint for leading and living courageously, as only you can.  It is your executive coach and leadership workout for increasing your personal power and people-smarts while enjoying a life of excellence and self-expression.

Transform your life from the inside out with Ellen Castro’s comprehensive guide to releasing your energy, creativity and limitless potential with trust.  Trust is your competitive advantage in these non-traditional, unpredictable and exciting times where job competency ceases to be enough.

Be equipped to overcome challenges and obstacles – to have breakthroughs, not breakdowns.  The practical insights, success tools and energizing applications anchored in timeless truths will resolve your pressing situations and maximize your opportunities to skyrocket you to success!

The 52 life-changing exercises described in this book will get you off the exhausting treadmill of “never enough” onto the path of an energizing, exciting journey of authenticity and meaningful success.  They did and have for the author!

Ellen battered her head against the glass ceiling while scrambling up the corporate ladder in the 1980’s.  One fateful day, Ellen’s boss at Exxon called her into his corner office to tell her he was blocking her promotion. When she asked the reason, he simply stated, “I don’t like you or your jewelry.”  Huh?  The demoralizing and humiliating experience of losing her soul at work miraculously led Ellen to Harvard University, where the coursework and experience of earning her second master’s degree became the launching pad to the work she loves and an extraordinary and amazing life.

Ellen’s latest book, Happy in Spite of People, is a life-changer!

Be brave.  Be you.  This expanded edition of Spirited Leadership will show you the way.

You are far more powerful than you imagine.

Live fearlessly at your core, be resilient to external forces.

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